Mission to Seafarers Flushing 50 year jubilee

mission building

This year the Flying Angel Club celebrates it’s 50 year jubilee.

There will be all sorts of festivities in and around the club on Saturday, April 23rd.

From 13:00-16:00 there will be a mini fair, a lottery, childrens’ activities, the past can be relived with the aid of photographs and projections and there will be music.

At 16:00 there will be a performance by the Scheldt Pilots Choir which celebrates their 45 year jubilee.

From 19:00 a live band will play ’80s and ’90s hits.

You are all welcome to celebrate along with us at the;

Mission to Seafarers,

Ritthemsestraat 498

Vlissingen Oost.

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New Mission Bus at Flushing-East

In the harbour of Flushing-east the building of the Mission to Seafarers has been a remarkable beacon for nearly 50 years.
The “Flying Angel Club” is a home far away from home for seafarers calling at our port.
The Mission offers an opportunity for crews to get into touch with their overseas relatives and friends by telephone or via the Internet. They can relax with books, music, t.v., have a game of table tennis/pool or just enjoy a drink on the terrace and chat with others. In the small shop toiletries, titbits, a selected range of clothes, and souvenirs can be bought. There is a chapel and the pastor/clergyman is present when spiritual guidance is needed. An average of 9000 persons find their way to the Mission yearly.
To cover the distance from ship to “Flying Angel Club” a bus is needed. With this bus a free shuttle is organized for crews. The seafarers are picked up, taken to the Mission and taken back to their vessels at night. The bus is driven by volunteer drivers 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Now the 5 years old bus (255.000 km) has been replaced by a new one. The new 8 pers. Bus is funded by ITF and sponsored by garage Joosse at Flushing and Ford The Netherlands. Free fuel is provided by Verbruggen B.V.
Thanks to this co-operation the Mission can guarantee transportation for the coming years.
Sponsors and volunteers are essential in the clockwork of managing “The Flying Angel Club’s” transportation facilities and in offering a warm welcome to visiting seafarers from all over the world.

foto nieuwe bus

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